Girls’ Weekend!Or, Showing Off the Smash Book

I’m headed north this weekend with my daughter and mother-in-law to meet up with my two sister-in-laws and two nieces for a weekend of chick/superhero flicks, junk food, antiquing, used book and second-hand clothing stores. Let the party begin!

I’m also excited to show my oldest niece my smash book for my YA fantasy series. What’s a smash book? The easiest way to explain it is it’s a scrap book for your book. I have pictures of my castles, ruling families, assassins, soldiers, places, and other things pertinent to the series. It’s been a lot of fun, and a fair amount of work. That’s been good for me, though, because my muse needed a break after finishing the first novel in the Three Destinies trilogy and editing, for the fourth time, the first in the Flying Ponies duology.

But the coolest thing about showing off the smash book to my niece? She is already a huge fan of my books set in Pentallia, the world I created. She’s my first reader of my books and short stories, and she’s an aspiring writer as well. And let me tell you all – the girl’s got talent! Her superhero stories are terrific. I think Marvel should just hire her now. She’s always enthusiastic about my work, and it’s awesome having someone to talk writing with.

So while I’m happy to go larking about second-hand stores, searching for new treasures, I’m equally happy to share more of my world with my first, and biggest, fan.


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