Always Onward

Today I finished rewriting the first novel in my YA high fantasy series. It was a bittersweet moment. These characters have become somewhat of an extended family for me. The first version was written over a three year period. This version took about ten months; in that time, I’ve gotten to know them really well. It was difficult to leave them on the page. But, as you know, there are other journeys to take.

My next journey takes me back to the Flying Ponies. I started the second book today, entitled Tilt. While it’s hard to leave the world of Pentallia, it will be an adventure to write about Charlotte, Black, Dreadful and Penumbra. I look forward to seeing how their story ends.

What do you do after you finish a story? Do you immediately jump into the next one, or do you give your muse time off? My muse took a month off after finishing the first Flying Ponies book. This time, I’m happy mine is ready to go again, without a dry spell. I have lots of stories to tell, particularly in Pentallia. 

So onward, fellow writers. Always be looking for the next story, the next journey.